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Current Petitions
» Stop Julien Blanc
To : All people of the world
» Lab Test Of Materials Used In Train Coaches
To : Railway Ministry of India
» Be Sympathetic To Animals, Ban Plastic Bags
To : All State Governments of India - Central Government of India
» Bharat Ratna For Atal Bihari Vajpayee
To : Government of India
» Support Babul Supriyo In West Bengal
To : All Bengalis
» Do Not Neglect The Needs Of The Indian Army
To : Government of India
» Support The US Army
To : All Americans and Freedom Lovers all over the World
» Support The Indian Army
To : All Indians
» Focus On The List Of Headless Universities
To : All State Governments of India - Central Government of India
» Congratulate Bandaru Dattatreya - The First Telangana Minister At The Centre
To : All Telangana People
» Promote The Ayurveda Medicine
To : All State Governments of India - Central Government of India
» Nuclear Energy Should Be Banned
To : All Governments of the World
» Save The Dying Khejri Trees Of Rajasthan
To : Scientists, Government of Rajasthan
» Support The Kerala Bar Hotels Association (KBHA) Case Against Finance Minister K.M. Mani
To : Kerala people
» Human Rights Groups Urge The Country Of Pakistan To Repeal The Anti-blasphemy Law
To : Government of Pakistan
» Stop China From Buying Illegal Ivory
To : Every one
» Let Shweta Basu Deal With Her Own Life
To : Every one
» Delhi Should Not Trust Arvind Kejriwal This Time
To : All residents of Delhi
» Congratulate Mitch McConnell On Winning The Election
To : All Kentuckians , All Americans
» Congratulate The First Black Woman Republican Mia Love On Winning The Election
To : All Americans
» Congratulate Democrat Jeanne Shaheen On Re-election
To : All Americans
» Uttar Pradesh Minister Azam Khan Should Stop Making Irresponsible Statements
To : All citizens of India
» Congratulate Republican Congressman, Cory Gardner On Winning The U.S. Senate Race In Colorado
To : All Americans
» EC Should Relax Code For Relief In J&K, As Asked By The Supreme Court
To : Election Commission of India
» Congratulate Republican Tom Cotton On Winning The U.S. Senate Seat In Arkansas
To : All Americans
» Congratulate Kansas Republican Senator Pat Roberts On Re-election
To : All Americans
» Congratulate Governor Rick Scott Of Florida On Re-election
To : Floridians
» An Example Of Tolerance And Harmony
To : Citizens of Indian
To : RBI
» Set Up Memorial For 1984 Victims
To : Government of India
» Ban On E-cigarettes, Sale Of Single Smokes By Government Of India
To : All citizens of India
» Make BJP Membership Drive A Success
To : All citizens of India
» Add Missing Telangana To The Home Ministry Website
To : Government of India
» Virat Kohli Is India's Future, Support Him
To : Cricket Fans of India
» Change The "Perfect Body" Campaign
To : Victoria's Secret
» Stop Using The Unique Identifier Technology (UIDH)
To : Verizon Wireless
» Replace Faulty Takata Air Bags Soon
To : Takata Corp
» Tell China To Back Off From Arunachal Pradesh, India
To : Citizens of the World
» India Needs Defence Reforms
To : To the Government of India
» Condemn Bangalore Racism Case
To : Bangaloreans
» Congratulate Devendra Fadnavis On Becoming Maharashtra Chief Minister
To : People of Maharastra
» Withdraw Black Out Of TV 9 And ABN
To : government of telangana
» Prevent Ebola Cases
To : To Governments of the All Countries
» Leaders Asking CM KCR To Pay Attention To Farmersí Sufferings
» Stop Irom Sharmila - Support The Government Of India
To : To Citizens of India
» Save India's School System
To : All Political Parties, Leaders and Citizens of India
» Bring Back The Black Money Indians Have Abroad
To : Central Government of India, All Political Parties
» Find Vaccine For Ebola
To : To the Scientific Community
» Congratulate Kailash Satyarthi And Malala Yousafzai
To : all Indians, Pakistanis and the entire World Community
» Save VishkhaPatnam From The Effects Of Cyclone Hudhud
To : To All Indians
To : The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment
» Stop The Use Of Killing Neck Snares Against Wolves In British Columbia
To : The Government of British Columbia, Canada
» Stop The Trophy Hunt - Faltering Light
To : The Govenment of BC, Canada
» Ban Tractor Trailers On Highway 8
To : The Government of Alberta
» Say No To Naming A Harlem Street After A Cop-Killer
To : people
» We Stand With Arizona, And Against Illegal Immigration
To : The People of Arizona
To : Govt.of Maharashtra, India
» Bharat Ratna For Dr. Kurien
To : Dr. Manmohan Singh, Honorable Prime Minister of India
» No School On National Holidays
To : Montvale Board of Education
» Mandatory Cameras In Special Needs Classrooms
To : Tammy Baldwin
» Perform Proper Evaluation Of GATE 2014 Exam
» Oppose The Federal Marriage Amendment
To : Our Elected Officials
» Immediate And Unconditional Deletion Of Arabian Gulf From Google Earth
To : International Media Firms
» Stop The Dolphin And Whale Killings - Taiji
To : Prime Minister of Japan
» Remove JewWatch.com From The Google Search Engine!
To : Google.com
» NIT Calicut Must Do Better
To : NIT Calicut Admin
» Keep Andhra Pradesh United
To : President of India
» Creation Of Separate Telangana State
To : Central Government, India
» We Should Go Back To The Moon
To : NASA, The European Space Agency
» To Formally Confer 'Father Of The Nation' To Mahatma Gandhi
To : Government of India
» Remove Fisher-Price's Apptivity Seat From Market
To : CEOs, Major Toy Companies
» Revert India Supreme Court Ban On Gay Sex In The World's Largest Democracy
To : India's Supreme Court
» Let Us End The Dowry System In India
To : Everyone in the World
» Stop Japanese Whaling!
To : The Japenese government!
» Request To Issue Stamp On Dipawali
To : Chairman - Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee

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